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Month – February 2023

Unshaved grandma Lilian Black

Inna White is an unshaved big tits grandma who gets her groceries delivered to her home by the local grocery store. Normally, these are brought over by the owner of the place, but this time his handsome toyboy delivery son Nick has been assigned to the task. He’s never been to cougar Inna White’s place and hasn’t even met the naughty lady before.

When he arrived, he was told to go inside and deliver the goods to the bedroom and so he did. What he didn’t know was that this gorgeous nympho granny was lying in bed waiting for him. He gave her the bags of groceries and she immediately took out a cucumber. She showed him that she had no intention of eating it, but was only interested in using it to please herself.

Shocked, the young man did not know how to act. This was not a problem, because big breasted grandma Inna White, with her unshaved granny pussy, knew all too well what Nick’s next move should be. She pulled the boy closer to her and started to take out his cock. She then put it in her mouth and sucked that dick so good that it became rock hard. This made Nick horny as hell and he started to eat out her hairy granny pussy before fucking Grandma Inna White on her bed. They had a fucking good time and the toyboy could not believe he was fucking this elderly nympho with her big tits and her hairy pussy.

He finally came all over grandma Inna White’s gorgeous big tits and it was the the perfect finish to his incredible old and young adventure!

He can only hope that she’ll order a lot more from his dad’s store, because he will move heaven and hell to bring her those groceries!
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Unshaved grandma Inna White

Hairy BBW Adele

Adele is wearing an elegant pink dress as she enjoys her beverage. She slides it off and gets on her white table nearby. Her natural curves are amazing as are her natural breasts and hairy bush. She rubs her hairy pits and then her pussy.

Hairy BBW Adele

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