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63-year-old wife

63-year-old wife

63-year-old wife

Mona is a 63-year-old wife and mother, and the fact that she’s sucking and fucking a guy who’s just about half her age and isn’t her husband is not going to wreck her marriage. “My husband is the guy who pushed me into all this,” said Mona, a first-timer. “He said I had a hot bod, so I said, ‘Okay, let’s do something with it.'” Born in Illinois, now living in Colorado, Mona is a little one at 5’2″, 114 pounds with a hairy pussy. She’s a runner-that’s how she keeps in such great shape-and, true to her name, she’s a moaner. But is she a swinger? No. Is she a nudist? Only in the privacy of her own home and backyard. Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here? “Most likely, but I suppose after they remember that my adventurous spirit drives me to live, they’ll possibly say, ‘Oh, yeah.'” You’ll say, “Oh, yeah,” when you see Mona in action.

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